During the run of X Files, you appeared on lots of “sexiest women” lists. Were you flattered or embarrassed?
Gillian Anderson: The first time, I did the interview on the phone wearing old flannel pajamas, which was funny. For years, I kind of shrugged it off, but as you get older, if people are still paying attention, it’s flattering.

Judging from recent photos, you could still make the lists.
GA: Thank you. For years I never paid much attention to what I looked like. Now when I see old pictures, I think, Why did I let someone put giant curls in my hair and put me in that dress?! I’m finally paying more attention now.

More Magazine, September 2012 

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Everything about them is a little bit stranger A little bit harder A little bit deadly 

Everything about them is a little bit stranger 
A little bit harder 
A little bit deadly 

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Captain Janeway in palette #51 for theadmiralscoffee

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"Spooky" Mulder

The idea made me chuckle.

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accurate representation ofshowing your friend something you enjoy but they dont

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Daily Dose of Kate Mulgrew on Rosie O’Donnell, 1998

"We have to convert you - from day-time fiction to science-fiction."

part 7

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I cannot handle this…

(Round Numbers - 1991)

It’s been 3 whole days. Everybody give me a standing ovation for waiting this long to reblog it again! Because I wanted to every HOUR.

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The Fall season 2 - First Look.

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A man that isn’t threatened by a strong woman. Chakotay could you be any sexier?

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