I’ve been crushing on this guy for three years. I asked him out tonight. We have a date. And I’m ecstatic.

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baby B’Elanna and Janeway

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I only asked to be convinced. My walk through the village convinced me.

It’s a close call, but this round of Extreme Victorian Flirting goes to Charles Carson, with his unexpectedly exquisite tone of delivery, the subtext of which momentarily rendered his opponent unable to speak without stuttering.

Is it just me - or was she having a lot of difficulty making eye contact with him throughout the whole episode.  Especially here.  She’s almost afraid to look at his face and read what it says….

She’s such an amazing actress. The chemistry between them was palpable! I can’t stop watching this scene!

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I've known L i n since we were children. She’s always been… challenging.

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Kate Mulgrew The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder (1996)

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